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    July 5, 2016 / 4 COMMENTS /

    Welcome Blog_650x336

    Welcome to the UpToParents Conversation. We’re glad you’re here.

    For over a decade, UpToParents has served as the premier online resource for families experiencing separation and divorce. Our message has been simple: Peace for children is success for parents.

    Because when parents focus on the needs and best interests of their children, those same parents get to:

    • save their money,
    • save their happiness, and
    • save their chance to make their own decisions.

    Our History

    Since 2003, our family charity has provided these free resources, including the interactive and personalized UpToParents workshop, to well over 100,000 parents. The feedback we’ve received—from parents who have saved their children’s one and only childhood and from the professionals who have helped their clients find better paths through difficult transitions—has been moving and inspiring.

    But 100,000 isn’t where we stop.

    Our Future

    Which is why UpToParents’ next phase is all about inviting parents and professionals to join the conversation about this better way of handling separation and divorce.

    Please join us here on our blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin to share your ideas, stories, and experiences.

    Charlie Asher

    Charlie Asher

    Co-Founder of Freedom 22 Foundation, Co-Creator of UpToParents.org at UpToParents.org
    Charlie Asher

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    • Glad to hear of the new launch. UpToParents is important information that all families experiencing transitions should heed.

    • Me siento satisfecho al tener la dicha de conocer tantas cosas. Q antes no tenia conocimiento de estas,
      Ahora lose , gracias al programa up toparents por todas las enceñansas y lecciones q nos brindan, con el unico fin
      Y enceñansa de a traer paz , tranquilidad , harmonia, y muchas otras cosas mas q aqui puede uno aprender

    • I realize now that the children were fighting because we were constantly fighting. The important thing for both parents to remember is that just because mom and dad are getting a divorce doesn’t mean that the children are being divorced.

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