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  • The Child Safety Zone Pledge

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    The Child Safety Zone

    Ask any adult to recall summers as a child, and you’ll probably hear nostalgic recollections of carefree days spent outdoors, free from the torment of tests and homework.  But for children of separation and divorce, even summers may be chilled with worry, sadness, and fear over just how their parents will interact with one another.

    This is why promotes what we call The Child Safety Zone.

    Here’s how we think about it: there are over 10,000 minutes in a week, and most children of separation or divorce see their parents together for only about four of those minutes.  That leaves the parents about 9,996 minutes when they can talk about any topic, no matter how difficult or emotional.   But those four minutes a week, as well as every time children of separation or divorce hear their parents speaking to one another, should belong to the children.

    There are no arguments in The Child Safety Zone. No difficult discussions. No snide or chilly behavior. Just courteous and considerate interaction, however brief.

    We know this can be difficult and recognize the challenges the interactions with your co-parent can sometimes present. We encourage you to discuss The Child Safety Zone Pledge with your co-parent to come up with a manageable plan. Here are links to contracts we have found helpful to symbolize a real commitment to keeping this time as peaceful as possible for you and your children.

    Click HERE to find out more and print a personalized Child Safety Zone Pledge.

    Give your child the gift of living in The Child Safety Zone, and a chance to relish in the carefree days of summer.  Write to us and let us know how it’s going, or comment below.

    For more information on The Child Safety Zone visit our website

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