Free help for separated, divorced, and never-married parents. Because peace for children is success for parents.

Come see some revolutionary ideas on how separated and divorced parents can save their money, their chance to make their own decisions, and their peace of mind — by acting first to meet their children’s need for peace in their family.

Watch this video for a 2-minute introduction to this free help.

This website really puts things in perspective. It makes you realize that no matter how trying times are, you'll do best by thinking about your kids first.

- father, NSW, Australia

This is great for the children of divorce. Even when we love each other, we can hurt them by accident. Thanks for these reminders!

father, Nashville, Tennessee

It was great. I wish that I would have gotten a hold of this much earlier.  Please make this a prerequisite to getting divorced.

father, Riverside, California

Great website! I can't wait to apply these lessons - as a matter of fact, it has inspired me to make changes already.

father, Altanta, Georgia

I loved the website. These are things you know but can never hear enough.  I loved that it’s personalized to our family and, most of all, our daughter.

mother, Nashville, Tennessee

I really enjoyed it. It reminds me how we must work together even now. I will tell others about this.

father, Temecula, California

This is so informative and easy to use.  A+!  It helped me tremendously.

mother, Indianapolis, Indiana

I was really surprised by everything that I didn’t know. This was a requirement from court, and it is going to help me a lot.

mother, Santa Ana, California

A long-needed site. My sincere applause. It was definitely very helpful to me personally – and so effective in extracting a lot of deep emotion and empathy.

father, Valparaiso, Indiana

I actually thought it would be a waste of time.  But right when I started, I cried. I really wasn’t looking at everything through my daughter’s eyes and her needs.   Please keep this website going.

father, Easthampton, Massachusetts

Having been a child from a horrible divorce, I think this is a great idea. Some of the videos on this website brought me to tears.  I will absolutely recommend this to others.

mother, Nashville, Tennessee

Extremely helpful. It helped me to refocus on my children and how my pain is hurting them. I would recommend this to anyone dealing with separation or divorce.

mother, Blairsville, Georgia

Awards & Recognitions

  • American Bar Association
    "Attorney as Problem-Solver Award"

  • Association of Family and Conciliation Courts "Irwin Cantor Innovative Program Award"

  • "Children's Champion Award" of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM)

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